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Modular Houses 1XL

The house consists of 1 module 3m x 11,65m

Construction technique: light wooden structure allowing to obtain very well insulated building.
Insulation in outside walls, roof and floor.

This model has a steel construction in the floor which allows lifting the whole module.
Modular homes up to 35m2 can be constructed without obtaining construction license.

Product specification
Outside walls
Impregnated wood fasade
Mineral wool 10 cm thick
Fire resistant gypsum board  12,5 mm thick

Vapour barrier and wind barrier foil.
Ground floor
OSB board 15mm thick
Mineral wool  15 cm thick.

Tar roofing 2 layers
OSB board  15mm thick
Mineral wool insulation  15 cm thick.
Vapour barrier.
GKF board.

Internal walls
Fire resistant gypsum board  12,5 mm thick – on both sides
In the bathroom vapour barrier foil is used additionally.

Impregnated wood fasade.
Doors and windows
White PVC windows, 5 insulation chambers, double glazing, without muntins.ally.

Balcony window is equipped in aluminium threshold and lock – it can be used as entrance door.
Other types or colours of windows upon additional payment (standard – 1 window per room).
Water and sewage system
Complete system: risers and connections to sanitary equipment according to agreed drawings.

Electrical installation
Fuse box
Electric wiring  3x1,5 and 3x2,5, boxes
Amount of connections according to the included drawing
Outdoor lighting over the entrance
Two air ventillation grilles, in the bathroom and in the kitchen.

Construction of the house
Spruce or pine wood.
Room height ca. 2,4 m .
All changes in house design upon additional payment.
Additional information:
1. prices include VAT - 25%  
3. Setting the house on foundations as well as levelling – the Customer is responsible.
4. Renting a crane for delivery – the Customer is responsible.
6. The Customer is obliged to prepare foudations according to the scheme included, at the time defined in the specification. The Customer shall ensure access to the construction site for the delivery of the modules of the house.
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